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Featured Panelization Projects

  • Lake Nona Medical Center

  • Oak Hill Hospital

  • North Florida Regional Medical Center

  • Orange Park Medical Center

  • Ocala Regional Medical Center

Learn more about Wal-Mark prefabricated panels


We are proud to announce our affiliation with StoPanel products.  Prefabricated exterior wall panels offer many advantages, and we are excited to offer our clients another option in building materials and processes.

Advantages of Panelization


Prefabricated panels are constructed in a controlled manufacturing environment, thus eliminating weather or other field conditions that could cause unforeseen delays to construction schedules.


Panels are produced in quality controlled factories that allow for the building envelope to be inspected, tested and checked prior to panel installation on the project.


Lightweight panels allow for less structural requirements, reduced job site labor crews, and minimal use of scaffolding – just a few of the many advantages to help reduce the cost of your project.


Panelization offers an advantage to schedules and benefits multiple trades.  Prefabricated panels can be under construction, oftentimes ready to install, while the structure of the building is simultaneously being erected.

View the video below to see a demonstration of just how easy a typical prefab panelization installation can be for your project.

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